A 15P Laser-Guided, Solid Alloy Compound Crossbow with Scope was operated by Scarlett.


Scarlett's personal weapon, fires a guided arrow and the string is in fact two parallel beams. Is capable of taking down a Cobra Armored trooper if aimed properly but weak against metal, as shown during Scarlett's fight with Cobra Troopers at the beginning of the film. The crossbow comes complete with a camera that can replay anything it was pointed at and also acts as a targeting system. It is showned to be touch screen as Scarlett used the zoom button to zoom in on a Cobra trooper's face and targeted the eye. Though Scarlett missed the target when she was tackled the arrow still hit its mark without any problems. Was later shown in the chase of the Baroness and Storm Shadow in Paris and was last seen being used to take the Cobra Command Center

Behind the scenes


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