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G.I. Joe A Real American Hero was a comic book series published by Devil's Due. It is the continuation of the story established in Marvel's A Real American Hero.

The series started with the reinstatement of G.I. Joe and lasted for 43 issues until it was revamped to become America's Elite.

Issue Summary by Story Line

  • 1-4 - Reinstated
  • 5 - Solo Duke Story (Prologue to Reinstated)
  • 6-9 - Reckonings
  • 10-13 - Malfunction
  • 14-15 - Bazooka, Alpine,and Mutt stumble upon Cobra Town
  • 16 - Prelude to the Return of Serpentor
  • 17-19 - Flint, Baroness Story
  • 20-21 - Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow Story
  • 22-25 - The Return of Serpentor
  • 26 - Scott Sturgis is recruited into G.I. Joe
  • 27 - Snake Eyes and crew vs. Sen Tei and the Red Ninjas
  • 28-33 - Players and Pawns
  • 34 - Hawk solo issue
  • 35 - Wraith vs. Snake Eyes
  • 36-41 - Union of the Snake
  • 42-43 - Rise of the Red Shadows

Devil's Due Issue Summaries

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