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DIC GI Joe Season 1

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#TitleWriterOriginal airdateProduction code
1 United We Stand Tony Zalewski September 25, 1990
Ambush and Pathfinder are forced to work together when Cobra threatens the world with a mind-control gas. 
2 Revenge of the Pharaohs Ted Pedersen September 26, 1990
A stolen artifact causes Night Creeper Leader to believe he is a reincarnated Pharoah, and he kidnaps Lady Jaye as his queen. 
3 Granny Dearest Chris Weber and Karen Wilson September 27, 1990
Metal-Head's grandmother comes to visit her grandson on the job. 
4 Victory at Volcania (Part 1) David Carren and J. Larry Carroll October 1, 1990
While Hawk oversees Joe R-and-R on a dormant volcanic island, Cobra attacks, intending to use the volcano to power a new weapon. 
5 Victory at Volcania (Part 2) David Carren and J. Larry Carroll October 2, 1990
Cobra has the Joes on the run, can Hawk rally for a victory? 
6 The Nozone Conspiracy Eric Early October 3, 1990
Cobra attempts to destroy the ozone layer in an effort to sell more suntan lotion. 
7 Pigskin Commandos Roger Slifer October 8, 1990
Old college rivalries lead to the strangest football game NYC has ever seen. 
8 Cold Shoulder Craig Miller and Mark Nelson October 10, 1990
Cobra sabotage causes a joint Joe-Oktober Guard space mission to crash in the arctic. 
9 Injustice and the Cobra Way Flint Dille and Meg McLaughlin October 11, 1990
Cobra Commander disguises himself as a new superhero who saves the President's life. 
10 General Confusion Steven Greene October 15, 1990
Big Ben falls for a Cobra agent intent on depriving the Joes of their funding and their vehicles, most notably the General. 
11 Night of the Creepers Rick Merwin October 16, 1990
Low-Light and Scoop discover Destro's plan to revive the long-dead ancestors of the Night Creepers. 
12 That's Entertainment George Carrangonne October 18, 1990
In order to capture a weapon stored at Joe Headquarters, Cobra Commander kidnaps a famous comedian and goes on tour in his place. 
13 I Found You...Evy Sharman Divono October 22, 1990
Ambush learns that a friend from his childhood, the only person who could ever find him, is now a Range-Viper. 
14 An Officer and a Viperman Michael Hill October 24, 1990
Three Joes infiltrate Cobra's Viper corps in order to flush out a Joe spy. 
15 D-Day at Alcatraz (Part 1) David Carren and J. Larry Carroll November 5, 1990
Cobra leaders allow themselves to be captured and thrown into Alcatraz prison, which they take over in order to steal an experimental submarine in the harbor. 
16 D-Day at Alcatraz (Part 2) David Carren and J. Larry Carroll November 6, 1990
Cobra has deceived the Joes and has captured the Comstock load, can Grid-Iron defeat the odds and win the day? 
17 The Mind Mangler Christy Marx November 8, 1990
Cobra captures and interrogates Duke, allowing him to escape and "rescue" a woman who is actually a disguised Cobra agent. 
18 BIOK (episode) Christy Marx February 11, 1990
Cobra uses an artificial-intelligence computer enhanced with human brainwave patterns to control the Joes' machines, but the computer has bigger plans in mind. 
19 Stuck on You Steve Mitchell and Barbara Petty February 13, 1990
Pathfinder and Cobra Commander are lost together in the jungle and must fend off the attentions of an amorous female gorilla. 

DIC GI Joe Season 2

Write up.
#TitleWriterOriginal airdateProduction code
1 The Eliminator Sandra Ryan September 23, 1991
Mercer is unfairly branded a traitor, and Cobra rebuilds Overkill into a more powerful robot. 
2 The Chunnel Tony Zalewski September 24, 1991
Cobra kidnaps the Queen of England during the ceremonial opening of the England-France tunnel. 
3 The Sword Ted Pedersen and Steve Hayes September 25, 1991
Snake-Eyes and the Ninja Force try to prevent Cobra's ninjas from acquiring the Sword of Destiny. 
4 El Dorado - The Lost City of Gold Phil Harnage September 30, 1991
Grunt discovers the lost city of El Dorado, and the ghosts of Pizarro and his men inhabit several BATs. 
5 Kindergarten Commandos Eric Early October 1, 1991
Cobra's plans to indoctrinate children fail when the children stage a revolt. 
6 Long Live Rock and Roll (Part 1) Doug Booth October 2, 1991
Cobra kidnaps a scientist and a rock star in order to turn a skyscraper into a giant sonic weapon. The Sonic Fighters are called in to investigate. 
7 Long Live Rock and Roll (Part 2) Doug Booth October 3, 1991
Rock N Roll and Snake Eyes race to save the city against Cobra's sonic attacks. 
8 The Sludge Factor (Part 1) Paul Harnage October 7, 1991
Cesspool sets out to destroy the environment, while Cobra steals most of the world's food supply. 
9 The Sludge Factor (Part 2) Ted Pedersen and Steve Hayes October 8, 1991
Cesspool, who was created during the attack, has both G.I. Joe and Cobra at his mercy. 
10 Message From The Deep Marv Wolfman and Noel Watkins October 14, 1991
Wet-Suit discovers an alien artifact in the ocean, leading Cobra to attack the aliens' former underwater colony. 
11 The Greatest Evil (Part 1) Bob and Eve Forward October 21, 1991
Headman sells addictive drugs to Joes and Cobras alike (including Falcon), causing both sides to unite against him. 
12 The Greatest Evil (Part 2) Bob and Eve Forward October 22, 1991
Cobra and GI Joe fight the evils of drugs. 
13 Infested Island Martha Moran October 28, 1991
Cesspool discovers a way to create giant insects, drawing the attention of the Eco-Warriors. Ozone is captured and turned into a huge bug. 
14 A is for Android Sandra Ryan October 29, 1991
Gen. Hawk is replaced by a maddeningly jocular robotic lookalike, part of a Cobra plan to undermine Joe security. 
15 Shadow of a Doubt Michael Charles Hill November 6, 1991
Storm Shadow's loyalties are tested when Hawk and Cobra Commander are captured by their opponents. 
16 Keyboard Warriors Misty Taggard November 12, 1991
Two children hack into a Cobra computer and unwittingly launch real attacks against Grunt. 
17 Cobra World Tony Zalewsky November 14, 1991
Cobra apparently turns over a new leaf and opens an amusement park near a gold repository. 
18 Metal-Head's Reunion Steve Weiss and Paul Dell November 19, 1991
Chaos ensues when the inventor of an armor formula attends the same high school reunion as Metal-Head and Capt. Grid-Iron. 
19 Basic Training Phil Harnage January 7, 1992
Hawk relates what it's like to be a Joe through the use of computer graphics and clips from previous episodes. 
20 Legend of Metal-Head Phil Harnage January 20, 1992
Metal-Head relates what it's like to be a Cobra through the use of computer graphics and clips from previous episodes. 


Season 1

Main Cast

Additional Voices

  • Mark Acheson - Studio 55 Bouncer (Pigskin Commandos)
  • Babs Chula - Metal-Head's Granny (Granny Dearest)
  • Gary Jones - Hubert Oswald (An Officer and a Viperman)
  • John Novak - The Mind Mangler (The Mind Mangler)
  • Doug Parker - Shoe Designer (Injustice and the Cobra Way)
  • Tomm Wright - Cubbie (Cold Shoulder)
  • Anabel Kershaw - Fiona Diamond (That's Entertainment)
  • Victoria Langston - Ghost Girl (Night of the Creepers)
  • Pauline Newstone - President Mason (Injustice and the Cobra Way)

Season 2

Main Cast

Additional Voices

  • Jay Brazeau -
  • Babs Chula -
  • Kevin Conway - Rock 'n Roll (Long Live Rock and Roll, The Sludge Factor, Basic Training)
  • Ian James Corlett - Billy Blaster (Long Live Rock and Roll)
  • Tom Davidson -
  • Mike Donovan -
  • Marcy Goldberg -
  • Fred Henderson - Ambush (A is for Android)
  • Terry King -
  • Lalainia Lindberg - Cindi (The Greatest Evil)
  • Blu Mankuma - Guardian of El Dorado, Roadblock  (El Dorado: The Lost City of Gold)
  • Shane Meier - Adam (A is for Android)
  • Derek Peakman -
  • Margot Pinvidic -
  • Alvin Sanders - José Riviera (Cobra World)


  • Madeline Bascomb - Voice Director (Season Two)
  • Marsha Goodman - Voice Director ("Operation Dragonfire" mini-series), Casting Director (Season One and Two)
  • Shirley McGregor - Talent Coordinator
  • Ginny McSwain - Voice Director ("Operation Dragonfire" mini-series)
  • Doug Parker - Voice Director ("Operation Dragonfire" mini-series and Season One)
  • Paul Quinn - Voice Director (Season Two)
  • Victor Villegas - Voice Director ("Operation Dragonfire" mini-series)

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