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One of ten clones created by Dr. Mindbender when trying to create Serpentor, named for Attila the Hun. The ten young clones would grow at a slower rate than normal, and Mindbender nearly abandoned them once he perfected the process to create the mature clone that became Serpentor, but instead placed them in stasis and left them alive unbeknownst to Cobra Commander. Each clone was the amalgamation of history's greatest soldiers. After the defeat of Cobra in the 1995, the U.S. government raided Mindbender's secret lab on Cobra Island and recovered the clone children. They were place in foster care until Serpentor and Dr. Mindbender gathered them in secrecy. All the children joined Serpentor on Cobra Island during a battle between his forces and Cobra and G.I. Joe. After the battle, Attila and the other boys were again placed in the care of the government. (v2 #24, 25)

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