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The name Backblast refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Backblast.

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Backblast is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero and G.I. Joe vs. Cobra series.
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A Real American Hero comics continuity

Marvel Comics continuity

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Devil's Due Comics continuity

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Animated continuity - DiC series

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Generation 1
Backblast 1989 A Real American Hero

Backblast was available in the 1989 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: green helmet, black mustache, black sleeveless T-shirt with yellow "GO ARMY" on chest; green backpack straps and gloves; black wristband with holder for knife; green pants with black holster and boots; white panel on left leg

Accessories: green missile launcher with three tubes and detachable base with handles; three tapered red missiles with fins near front; light grey serrated knife with jagged handle; yellow elliptical ammo belt; rough black monocular with strap. page/Filecard

Backblast 1993 Battle Corps (1993)

Backblast joined the Battle Corps in the 1993 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: olive green helmet, black mustache, olive green sleeveless T-shirt with yellow Army insignia on chest; green backpack straps; yellow wristband; beige and green camouflage pants with green belt and olive green boots; white panel on left leg

Accessories: black "Cloudburst" submachine gun; black "'91 Flint" laser rifle; black '93 Beach-Head" knife; black missile launcher with handle, wrist guard, top-mounted sight, and black trigger; two black missiles with three rounded segments at tip; black figure stand.

Variations: The Army insignia on Backblast's chest could be small or large. Bagged with different accessories at a 1997 convention. page/Filecard



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