The Battle Commanders (sometimes called 'Talking Battle Commanders') was a subline within the 1991 G.I. Joe toyline. Apparently inspired by the Sonic Fighters, the Battle Commanders' gimmick was an eletronic backpack with four buttons, each assigned a specific sound effect. Unlike the Sonic Fighters, however, the sound effects consisted of three short phrases and one battle sound. Also, the backpacks were screwed onto the backs of the figures, where as the Sonic Fighters and Super Sonic Fighters featured a pegged electronic backpack similar to the typical backpack. The subline was discontinued in 1992.


A Real American Hero (1991)

  • General Hawk (Phrases: "Eat lead, Cobra!"; "Yo, Joe!"; "Move out!")
  • Cobra Commander (Phrases: "I'll get you!"; "Vipers attack!"; "Cobra!")
  • Sgt. Stalker (Phrases: "Blitz 'em!"; "Attack!"; "Let's party!")
  • Overkill (Phrases: "B.A.T.s attack!"; "Wipe out!"; "Destroy!")

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