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Billy Blaster is a character from the A Real American Hero DiC TV series.

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A renowned guitarist, Billy Blaster is a literal destructive force of heavy metal. Best known for his trademark songs "Thunderbolt Blues" and "Light Fantastic," you can trust Billy to turn any ordinary show into a night the audience sure won't forget. Though a skilled musician in his own right, Billy isn't too bright.


Animated continuity

DiC animated series

Voice actor: Ian James Corlett (US)

A vital piece of Cobra's plan to destroy New York City, Billy was kidnapped by Air Commandos in the middle of a concert in Central Park. Despite their best efforts, the G.I. Joe team lost him in the sewers, and Billy was delivered to the Super Sonic Fortress by a Cobra Rat.


No toy of Billy Blaster was ever made. Bummer, man.

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