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This article is about the member of the Autobots - for the G.I. Joe character, see Blaster.

Blaster is a Transformer, a heroic Autobot from the planet Cybertron. He transforms into a boombox/ghetto blaster.


Marvel comics continuity

Shortly after Optimus Prime's death, Blaster acted as temporary Autobot Leader during the Autobot/Cobra/G.I. Joe alliance.[1][2][3]

Action Force (British) continuity

After Grimlock took command of the Autobots, Blaster deserted along with Goldbug. Blades was searching for them when he found Action Force and Megatron.[4]

Dreamwave Transformers/G.I. Joe continuity

Blaster appeared in the only issue published of Transformers/G.I. Joe: Divided Front.

In the year 1985, Blaster and Perceptor hastily took off for Earth in an starship poorly-suited for interstellar travel. Upon arrival, they unsurprisingly crashed, landing in the forests of Oregon near Mount St. Hilary. They were discovered there by a G.I. Joe team led by Flint.


  • Blaster was voiced by Buster Jones in the Transformers cartoon. Jones was the voice of Doc in the Sunbow G.I. Joe cartoon.


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