Alvin Kibbey is a college student at Desert University and conspiracy theorist who operated under the handle "The Coyote" while chasing the sinister secrets of Cobra Industries. He eventually became an ally of the Joes and took on the code name Breaker.


Scarlett was a follower of Breaker's blog, under the alias "SnakeBait". When she learned that Cobra had planned to dispose of him, she tracked him down in order to warn him.

As "Breaker", Kibbey went on to help the Joes and remotely supply them with information.

In the final episode, when the Joes returned to the Pentagon with evidence against Cobra, they were surprised to learn that Breaker was already there to debrief them in his capacity as the military's new intelligence officer.

Unlike his RAH counterpart, this Breaker is not American but rather British, and, until the final episode, has apparently no prior military experience.

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