Brian Hassel is a state department diplomat involved in talks with the Persian Gulf nation of Al-alawi.

When the G.I. Joe Team gets some info suggesting Cobra may try to kill Hassel to stop the talks and keep Al-alawi out of the U.S. sphere of influence, Hawk assigns Clutch and Scarlett to escort Hassel to the talks.

Scarlett and Clutch find Brian Hassell at a beach in the French Riviera. Despite Scarlett's insistence, Hassell is not convinced or interested for protection. Suddenly, Cobra frogmen armed with harpoons come out of the waters. Clutch (carrying a hidden machine gun) manages to hold them back and get everyone to escape. Another couple of foiled assassination attempts later, they (and their car) board Hassell's plane, taking him to the meeting with Al-Alawi's representative. While on the air, Scarlett becomes suspicious of the halfhearted attempts at Hassell. She notices the plane is on a wrong heading. The pilot pulls a gun on her, but she manages to knock the pilot out who accidentally shoots the plane's controls. Neither Joes know how to fly, but they manage to land the plane on a cliff and leave with their car.

Hassell survives another "assassination" attempt. This time the two Joes voice out their thoughts at Cobra's seeming halfhearted attempts. Hassell brings out his gun and points it at the two Joes, as it turns he is the assassin and the actual target is the Al-alawi ambassador. They are taken to a safehouse close to the meeting place of the representatives at the Alps. Hassell instructs a Cobra Trooper to kill the Joes once they hear a gunshot. After Hassell had left, Clutch and Scarlett break free from their ropes, beat their captors and escape by skis. They see a Joe plane flying but know that the plane is not going to land in time. Scarlett accelerates and does a ski jump and crash into Hassell and the Al-Alawi ambassador's room. Hassell shoots the ambassador straight to the chest. Scarlett knocks Hassell. The other Joes arrive. The ambassador turns out to be alive. He reveals that assassinations take place a lot in his country and so he always take precaution by wearing bulletproof vests.

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