, also known for a time as Goldbug, is an Autobot Transformer who encountered the G.I. Joe Team on several occasions. He transforms into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle.


Marvel comics continuity

Bumblebee was sent by Optimus Prime to spy on the launch of Power Station Alpha lest the Decepticons tried to capture it. Bumblebee headed off, privately bemoaning that he got all the weak jobs. At the launch base he spotted the Decepticon Bombshell and radioed for help. Then Bombshell took control of a young boy and had him walk in front of the mobile power station. In order to save the boy Bumblebee was forced to break cover and transform. Hawk and Senator Barbara Larkin were worried about the power station falling into the wrong hands and so Hawk ordered the G.I. Joe team to open fire, destroying Bumblebee's body.[1] The remains were examined by Mainframe who could not understand them[2] and wondered if Bumblebee had been killed after all. He connected the remains to a power supply and Bumblebee started to respond, informing the Joe team of the situation and how Power Station Alpha had been stolen by the Decepticons.[3]

Reborn as Goldbug

Mainframe began the process of rebuilding Bumblebee, soon helped by the Autobot Ratchet. Bumblebee's form was significantly altered and he declared he now wants a name with more dignity that would get him respect and so choose "Goldbug". The Autobots, G.I. Joe Team and Cobra formed a triple alliance against the Decepticons to recapture and neutralise the modified Power Station Alpha. Goldbug transported Scarlett and the Baroness to where Alpha had landed and precautionary explosives were placed, then Dr. Mindbender used a special control helmet to seize control of Alpha and send it to orbit. It exploded en route as the Baroness had set timers without informing the others. Goldbug returned to the Autobots.[4]

Action Force (British) continuity

After Grimlock took command of the Autobots, Goldbug and Blaster deserted. Grimlock sent many Autobots searching for them, but some, such as Blades, found themselves in sympathy with the deserters. Blades detected Transformer life signals in London, and Grimlock assumed they came from Goldbug and Blaster, so headed for the city with Centurion.[5] However on arrival they discovered it was in fact the Decepticon Megatron.[6]

Dreamwave Transformers vs G.I. Joe continuity


Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs the Transformers continuity



  • Bumblebee and Goldbug were voiced by Dan Gilvezan in the Transformers cartoon. Gilvezan was the voice of Slip-Stream in the Sunbow G.I. Joe cartoon.


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