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The CIA Man is a character from the A Real American Hero comics continuity.
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The Afghan rebels' liaison is a man who likes to keep information to himself. The liaison is someone they simply call the CIA Man because he still wouldn't give his name, real or alias. But just because you don't know a lot about him doesn't mean he is that mysterious or that good. On his first contact with the rebels, he very nearly messed himself up for almost forgetting the password.


A Real American Hero comics continuity - Marvel

The G.I. Joe mission team that landed in Afghanistan was greeted by the CIA Man. He already took care of the arrangements for packing up the spy plane for the Joes to take. While he is exposed to the reality of war, he is still naive in perception of what a warrior is. He criticizes Ahmed for believing in Stalker's promises of anti-aircraft weapons but his opinion is dismissed by the rebel leader for failing to understand.[1]


As part of Marvel's Secret Wars II event in 1985, a similar looking CIA agent named Charles James Anderson made an appearance in the two Spider-Man issues that were part of that event. Considering Duke and the G.I. Joe team make an uncredited cameo as well, there is evidence to support these two CIA agents are one and the same.

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