Night Force is a G.I. Joe subteam. They are a covert team outfitted and equipped for nighttime surveillance and defensive operations. They have skills, advanced technology and sophisticated hardware, relying on the element of surprise to strike the enemy under cover of darkness and accomplish their mission. It is the largest of the G.I.-Joe subteams.

The first version of Night Force was released in 1988 and included the following:


Crazy Legs

Lt. Falcon



Sneak Peek

Tunnel Rat


Night Blaster - a repainted Cobra MAGGOT

Night Raider

Night Shade

Night Storm

Night Striker

In 1989, the Night Force roster was reinforced with new members and vehicles as part as a Toys-R-Us exclusive that included the following:

Additional roster:








Night Boomer

Night Ray

Night Scrambler

In 2004, Toys-R-Us released an exclusive 6-pack consisting of Action Man, Beachhead, Flint, Roadblock, Short Fuse and Tunnel Rat.

Between 2003 and 2004, serveral previosuly released new sculpt figures were repainted and resold under the Night Force banner in troop builder sets. This roster consisted of Crosshair, Duke, and Nunchuck, who were relewaded in 2003 and in 2004 Grunt and Gung-Ho were added. The team was given a repainted Patriot Grizzly under the name Night Force Grizzly.

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