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A Real American Hero comics continuity

In the Marvel Comics G.I. Joe series, he first appeared in issue #123. Continuing in the next two issues, he and his men fought the G.I. Joe "Eco-Warriors" team, made up of Clean-Sweep, Ozone and Flint. The Joes drive Cesspool off of his "plasmatox" base on an abandoned oil drilling platform, ultimately using a U.S. government lawyer to inform Cesspool that his assets have been seized. (Shots in the Dark, Triptych, Diptych)

Cesspool continued to work for Cobra, ultimately operating alongside Zarana on Cobra Island. Firefly, with the aid of the Red Ninjas, captures them and holds them prisoner. Cobra Commander however, refuses to pay their ransom, and says Firefly can keep them and the island, as they are all ultimately worthless to him and his newer ventures.(Last Stand)

As revealed in issue #135, Zarana and her close ally Road Pig spent months as prisoners alongside Cesspool until Slice and Dice stumble across them by accident and free them.(Ninjas Own the Night)

Devil's Due Comics continuation

In the Devil's Due G.I. Joe series America's Elite, it is revealed Cesspool has settled down into suburbia with the help of a version of the Witness Protection Program. Scarlett stops by to grill him about suspected Cobra ties to the satellite bombing of Chicago. She finds Cesspool is dying of cancer due to past exposure to toxins. Guarding the sick Cesspool in his home is a younger woman claiming to be his wife and three robotic soldiers in the guise of children. They subdue and capture Scarlett.(Shocked and Awed) Sometime later, Cesspool is captured by the Joes and transferred to the Coffin prison.

Cesspool is listed in G.I. Joe: America's Elite #31 as terminated by Cobra during a raid on The Coffin, where he was held, by Tomax and Cobra. While reviewing the "Prisoners Terminated" list, Storm Shadow explains, "Tomax... was able to eliminate those Cobra considered loose ends."

DiC animated series


Cesspool threatens the Eco-Warriors.

Before undergoing his hideous mutation, Cesspool was a philanthropist who promised seemingly-impossible revolutions to environmental problems for sums of money. During a presentation to promote the "Super-Growth Fertilizer" factory, Flint uncovered a Cobra plot to detonate the plant, ultimately leading to a short fight with a disguised Battle Android Trooper. A stray blast from Flint's weapon destroyed the platform Cesspool was standing on, leaving him dangling over the open vat of fertilizer. He blamed Flint for his misfortune before finally dropping into the vat, seemingly disintegrating except for his watch.

It would be several months before Cesspool emerged, leading a successful assault on Eco-Warrior HQ to capture Flint and Clean-Sweep.


Generation 1
Cesspool 1991 A Real American Hero (1991)

Cesspool was released in the Eco-Warriors subset of the 1991 series of Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: white hair; red scar on right side of face; blue-green shirt with gold armor on shoulders and right arm; large red Cobra emblem on chest; blue gloves; blue-green pants with blue belt and kneepads; black boots

Accessories: soft, gold helmet with large orange visor and (barely) removable mouthpiece; purple frame backpack with darker orange "'91 Flint" water tank; purple handheld water cannon with orange hose; gold chainsaw rifle with handle on top; black figure stand. page/ page


  • Named for Hasbro representative and G.I. Joe designer Vinnie D'Alleva.
  • Working name was "Oil Baron," which caused some problems with Larry Hama:
I don't quite know what to do with the Oil Baron. He doesn't make any sense at all. What is he? What does he want? The name ... conjures up images of Dallas and ten-gallon hats, expensive suits with string ties and Tony Lama cowboy boots. The guy in the rendering looks like a biker. This is Cobra-La all over again...

The Ultimate Guide to G.I. Joe, page 234

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