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The name or term Chameleon refers to more than one character or object. For a list of other uses, see Chameleon.
Chameleon is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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Cobra has become one of the most notorious organizations in the world and their evil has not gone unnoticed. In France, a young woman discovered her lineage and that her ancestry involves the nobility. Not only that, though, as she traced her ancestors down to current blood relations and discovers a kinship and strong resemblance with one of Cobra's highest-ranking officers, the Baroness. Although she is not responsible for any of her half-sister's actions, she feels some level of guilt and a need to atone for her sins. Therefore, she has studied the Baroness's mannerisms and speech patterns and everything else she could learn. She then offered her services to the G.I. Joe Team who were initially reluctant to let a civilian be involved in dangerous work. Eventually, they realized she represents their best chance to get someone inside Cobra. A daring operation has her successfully infiltrating the evil organization. Now, pretending to be the Baroness and working under the call sign Chameleon, she does her best to thwart Cobra's plans.


A Real American Hero comics continuity - Devil's Due


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  • The filecard details Chameleon's origin involves the Baroness becoming a severe burn victim during a night attack. That event correlates to the comicbook issue G.I. Joe #16 published by Marvel Comics. Of course, we know what really happened.

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