Chase is a Transformer from Planet Cybertron. He is part of the Throttlebots, an espionage team of the Autobots led by Goldbug.


Marvel Comics continuity

Chase was part of a detachment sent to Earth to deal with the menace of a Cobra-rebuilt Megatron. The team was very surprised to find that this Megatron guy was actually pretty powerful, and soon started making mincemeat out of them. Chase got his leg blown off, and told the rest of the team not to wait for him. He kept firing as Megatron approached, only to get blown to smithereens at point blank range for his troubles. Megatron then examined Chase's snapped-off leg, looking for a soil sample that would let him locate the Autobots' starship. An enraged Brawn would beat on Megatron, declaring one punch was "for Chase". Final Transformations


  • Chase was voiced by Rob Paulsen in the Transformers cartoon. Paulsen was the voice of Snow Job in the Sunbow G.I. Joe cartoon.
  • Chase is the red Throttlebot, and the white one is named Searchlight, so the character appearing in the G.I. Joe comic is either a miscolored Chase or a misnamed Searchlight.

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