Generation 1
2060010294 A Real American Hero (1982)

Cobra Commander is part of the original 1982 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: light blue helmet with silver faceplate; light blue collared coat and pants with black undershirt, gloves, holster, belt, and shoes. Red belt buckle and stripes on sides of legs. red Cobra insignia on chest.

Accessories: small, black laser pistol with round, grilled muzzle. Pistol can be stored in an impression in the figure's back.

Variations: The figure was initially available with a simplified, undetailed Cobra logo on his jacket; this was soon corrected. page/Filecard

1984 Cobra Commander Version 2 (1984)

The hooded version of Cobra Commander used the same body mold as the 1982 original but with a new head. This was available as a mail-in direct-to-order.

Appearance: dark blue hood with eyeholes; dark blue collared coat and pants with red undershirt; black gloves and shoes; gold holster, belt, and stripes on sides of legs. red Cobra insignia on chest. Pistol can be stored in an impression in the figure's back.

Accessories: black laser pistol (the same that came with the 1982 version). page/Filecard

Cobra Commander 1987 Version 3 (1987)

This was better known as Battle-Armor Cobra Commander.

Appearance: silver helmet with Cobra emblem on forehead; light blue shirt and pants with silver armor on chest, arms, and legs; black gloves, joints, and boots; dark red belt and holster.

Accessories: black segmented airtube; triangular silver backpack with four angled spines; black laser pistol with scope, textured grip, and energy magazine. page/Filecard

Cobra Commander 1991 Version 4 (1991)

Cobra Commander takes a more imperial look in the 1991 series of A Real American Hero toys. If you look carefully through his faceplate, you can really see his face.

Appearance: gold helmet and red translucent faceplate; blue and black shirt with gold straps and wristbands; black gloves; red Cobra insignia on chest with gold background; bluepants with black holsters and boots with gold tops.

Accessories: gold submachine gun (short grip, long magazine, no stock); blue spring catapult with orange trigger and orange bipod; clear two-piece glider with orange tip; black figure stand.

Variations: Cobra Commander was available with a red or orange faceplate, and with or without eyebrows. page/Filecard

Cobra Commander 1992 Battle Commanders (1992)

Cobra Commander was sold in the Battle Commanders subset during 1992.

Appearance: blue hood and shirt with yellow trim and red Cobra emblem on chest; black diagonal strap and gloves; blue pants with black boots

Accessories: black talking backpack; short, black laser gun with two angled grips and large scope; black twin missile launcher with wrist supports; two short, black missiles; black figure stand. page/Filecard

Cobra Commander 1993 Battle Corps (1993)

Cobra Commander joined the Battle Corps in 1993.

Appearance: black hood and shirt with silver trim and red Cobra emblem on chest; silver diagonal strap and black gloves; black pants

Accessories: silver "Voltar" submachine gun; silver "Toxo-Viper" rifle; silver "Rock-Viper" machine gun; silver "Incinerator" flamethrower; red T-shaped spring-loaded missile launcher with gear at back and black trigger; two silver "Alley Viper" missiles; silver figure stand. page/Filecard

Star Brigade (1994)
1994 filecard from
Cobra Command Team (1997)
1997 filecard from
The Real American Hero Collection (2000)
Cobra Commander is sold in a two-pack with Chameleon.
2000 filecard from

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