The name Cobra Commander refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Cobra Commander.

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Cobra Commander is a Cobra character in the Sigma 6 series.
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Comics continuity

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Animated continuity

At the beginning of the series, Cobra Commander has been in prison for a while, but in episode 2 "Escape", he is freed by Zartan.

Cobra Commander (Sigma 6) 03

Cobra Commanders armored helmet

Cobra Commander's profile states that he considers himself a warrior king. This rendition of the character possesses snake-like eyes as well as full battle armor that is equipped with a powerful electromagnetic force field. He also wears a helmet that resembles a snake's head and appears to be a cross between his RAH helmet and hooded mask. The snake staff he carries contains a number of hidden weapons systems.


Cobra Commanders force field

This version of Cobra Commander displays far stricter control over his organization, having the loyalty of all his troops and being both feared and respected. However, like his earlier cartoon counterpart, he has a flair for grandiose and insane schemes, such as unleashing a giant robot to destroy a city or using a high-powered laser cannon to cut the East Coast off the United States to form "The Cobra Coast". While he mainly operates from behind the scenes, he has been shown to be highly proficient in combat, having battled Duke one-on-one three times, and actually having beaten him once.



  • Cobra Commander's imprisonment is generally attributed to the events seen in the Valor vs. Venom film. Whether Sigma 6 is a direct continuation of the video film continuity is debatable.

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