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Cobra Morays are Cobra characters from the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra series.
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Cobra continues their genetic experimentation in ever creating more powerful soldiers. This is seen true with their underwater operatives. While Hydro-Vipers are made for deep-diving endurance and Bio-Vipers are created for brute strength, the Cobra Moray is a throwback to the aforementioned two. Going back to a more back-to-basics approach, they are pooled from the ranks of the Eels and are reconstructed to be stronger and able to swim greater distances.


G.I. Joe vs. Cobra (2002)
For the single year of 2002, Cobra Moray had several versions of a single action figure. For two times, he is part of a carded two-pack and, in both cases, he was bundled together with Wet-Suit. Each version sported a different color but, nevertheless, came with the same type of accessories which include a rifle, a trident and a couple of flippers. Another different colored version came bundled with the Mantis submarine. In all cases, the same mold is used only with a different color scheme. The Mantis version did not come with any accessories.
Carded version 1/Filecard
Mantis version/Filecard

Carded version 2/Filecard



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