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G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike
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A Real American Hero

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G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike is the title of an video game released for the Atari 2600 in 1983. The game was developed and published by Parker Brothers and involves three different types of gameplay. The game is loosely based on the G.I. Joe franchise of the same name.


In the single-player mode, the player controls a G.I. Joe training camp on the bottom of the screen protected by a barrier and armed with two laser cannons. In this mode the goal is to keep the giant Cobra-operated robot snake from destroying the shield and thus the training camp by hitting it eight times. The Cobra robot shoots venom and laser beams.

In two-player cooperative mode control of the G.I. Joe training game is split between two players as they work to destroy the Cobra robot. In the two-player competition mode one player controls the Cobra robot and another player controls the training camp.

Action Force variant

A variant of the game was released as the Action Force video game in Europe.

Based on the European version of G.I. Joe known as Action Force, the game was similarly published by Parker Brothers in the PAL format for European markets.

Alternate game synopsis

"The Action Force training camp is under siege from a giant Cobra Combat Machine built by the evil Baron Ironblood.[1] As the Cobra looms over the camp the Action Force recruits run to shelter from its vaporizing venom and piercing laser beams. Man your positions! Defend the camp! Use missile attack canons and atomic powered energy shields to fight the deadly Cobra."

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  1. Note: Baron Ironblood was in fact leader of the Red Shadows in the comicbook Action Force universe, not the Cobra Organization which materialised later in the series

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