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Coil Crusher is a Cobra character from the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra series.
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Originally volunteers from the elite Cobra Jungle Viper troops, Coil Crushers are the result of recombined human and snake DNA, they have rudimentary scales, indicating membranes across their eyes, and venom pouches where their tonsils should be. Incredibly strong, totally fearless, and devoid of human compassion, they are nearly perfect infiltrators and shock troopers. Their main drawback is their tendency to grow sluggish and lethargic in cold weather.

Coil Crushers can slither silently through tall grass on their bellies, or glide across the tops of tree branches to drop suddenly on an unsuspecting point man. Few can withstand the bone-crushing strength of their long, sinuous arms when they wrap them around their victims and squeeze. None can ward off the terrible effects of the venom they spray in the faces of their victims.


He came in a two pack with Wild Bill from the Valor vs. Venom toyline. He featured rubber arms, a rubber snake, and a bronze gun. The same figure was also recolored and re-released with Wild Bill in a later assortment.

A 12-inch figure was also produced, featuring crushing arms and a pet snake.


The mold of the 12-inch Coils Crusher action figure was partially used to make The Rise of Cobra 12" Neo-Viper action figure.

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