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Colonel Courage is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero series.
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Colonel Courage stands as a perfect example of a well disciplined soldier. Properly dressed, spit shined shoes and always on the salute. He expects his subordinates to be the same and just knows exactly how to push them. He's always seen shaping his unit with organizational skills that it makes him more of an administrator of an intelligence department that he it is difficult to picture him within the battlefield. Yet, once he is in the battlefield, he can use those same skills to direct the troops like a precise honed blade, utilizing the knowledge of the abilities of every man to complete any mission. And just to show he's not a mere pencil pusher, he also relishes the frenzy that any fight brings.


A Real American Hero continuity - Devil's Due


Colonel Courage 1993 A Real American Hero (1993)

Colonel Courage's figure was released in 1993, under the Battle Corps banner - #10 in the series.

Appearance: African American; green helmet; black hair and beard; off-white shirt with rolled-up sleeves; black necktie; neon green straps and belt; black holster; green legs and brown boots

Accessories: neon green "Shockwave" pistol; neon green "Blaster" laser gun; neon green "Airborne" machine gun; neon green "Tunnel Rat" machine gun; neon green "Hit & Run" knife; neon green "Muskrat" machete; gold "Barricade" spring-loaded launcher with neon green trigger; neon green "Barricade" missile. page/Filecard


  • Colonel Courage was never released in the UK, due primarily to slow US sales.
  • All though Colonel courage never appeared in the G.I Joe Media, a similar character called "Colonel Sharp" ( which was created for shown and was in command of the GI joe & giving ordres to Duke appearing in season 1 of the sunbow series... by time season 2 started Sharp was cut off from the show changing the chain of Command to General Hawk, Duke, Flint and Beachhead

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