Colonel Shariff is a character from the A Real American Hero comics continuity.
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Colonel Sharif is the ruler of an emirate, known for beheading jaywalkers, and seemingly bankrolled by Cobra. According to Hawk, his fanatical "Guardians of Paradise" are an extremely unstable element in the Middle East, so Scarlett, Snake-Eyes and Rock'n'Roll are sent after a tape with information that would defuse the situation. Rock'n'Roll takes the tape to Hawk in Trucial Abysmia and then returns to Sharif's emirate after the others.

Despite one of Sharif's attack planes speeding to his aid, he motivates his troops to not wait and destroy the "infidels". Rock'n'Roll saves Snake-Eyes and Scarlett from the Guardians of Paradise, and Hwk arrives in the VAMP to destroy the attack plane.