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The commando figures are 8" tall action figures. They feature characters such as Snake Eyes, Duke, Heavy Duty, Destro, Cobra Commander.

More figures made:

8 inch figures

Cobra Commander, Cobra Ninja Hovercycle, Dark Ninja Master, Duke (Arctic), Duke (Frontal Assault), Duke (Paratrooper), Duke (Paratrooper), Duke (Sigma Strike), Duke, Firefly, Grand Slam, Gung Ho, Heavy Duty, Inferno, Iron Grenadier, Kamakura (Airglide Ninja), Kamakura (Ninja Flames), Kamakura, Lockdown, Long Range (Camo), Long Range, Long Range, Night Ranger Quad, Ninja B.A.T., Ninja Hovercycle, Ninja Showdown Set, Sea Ops Duke, Snake Eyes (Arctic), Snake Eyes (Dojo Training), Snake Eyes (Jungle Commando), Snake Eyes (Ninja Armor), Snake Eyes (Paratrooper), Snake Eyes (Wind Blade), Snake Eyes, Snake Eyes, Spirit Iron-Knife (Temple Tracker), Spirit Iron-Knife, Storm Shadow (Razor Blades), Storm Shadow (Samurai), Storm Shadow, Tunnel Rat, Zartan (Toxic)

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