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Decimator is a Cobra character from the A Real American Hero series.
Cobra banner

Little is known about the Cobra agent named Decimator. What is known is that he has a knack for technology that involves hand-eye coordination. He wears a special helmet that gives a special view of the enemy target. The helmet gives excellent night vision ability and a 180° view equivalent to watching a movie in widescreen. This technology enables him to keep the target in continuous view without having to turn his head around.



A Real American Hero comics continuity - Devil's Due

Not much is known what kind of work Decimator did for Cobra. He is among the number of wanted Cobras who currently remain at large.[1]


Generation 1
Decimator 1990 A Real American Hero (1990)

Decimator was part of the 1990 series of A Real American Hero's vehicle lineup where he was sold as part of the Hammerhead toy package.

Appearance: yellow face mask; dark grey double-breasted jacket and gloves with light grey armbands and belt; dark green pants with light grey and green boots

Accessories: white and dark grey helmet with green eyeslot; flat, dark grey trident-harpoon pistol. page/Filecard


  • Working name was "Panhead."
  • It was often a matter of question whether the character of Decimator represented a type of Cobra trooper or a specific character. This is even more confounding due to the lack of any other fiction depicting the character. The 25th issue of G.I. Joe: America's Elite included a backup feature that presented a threat matrix that the Joe Team faces. It would seem to indicate that Decimator was meant to be a unique character.

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