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The Defiant is a G.I. Joe shuttle complex from the A Real American Hero series.
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The Defiant is a large shuttle complex consisting of a moving gantry that is able to elevate and launch the shuttles from any location, and is housed in the second iteration of The Pit in the Marvel Comics continuity. The shuttles consist of a booster and a smaller shuttle that sits atop it.


Comics continuity

Real American Hero continuity

Marvel Comics Continuity

The Defiant first appeared in issue #65, in which it was used to prevent a Cobra shuttle from attacking a satellite that was picking up data on a secret event happening on Earth.

Animated continuity

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Ballantine books continuity


Toy editions

The Defiant playset is one of the larger R.A.H. toys that was released, consisting, in three parts, of the smaller shuttle, the booster shuttle, and the gantry/platform, all of which could be separate parts capable of detaching or attaching from/to one another. Both shuttles opened up to reveal interior playset areas that included computer terminals, walkways, and, in the case of the smaller shuttle, a crane arm. Both shuttles were armed with laser cannons, and the gantry was outfitted with a number of turrets. The launch pad on the gantry could be raised to a vertical position for launch, revealing the interior facilities of the base, with a number of pegs for character placement.

The smaller shuttle had retractable landing gear.

The set is the only Joe vehicle to come with two figures; Hardtop, the Gantry driver, and Payload, the astronaut.


The smaller shuttle was reused and slightly recolored in 1989 to produce the Crusader shuttle. Several panels, including the cockpit, were painted black and the windows now had a gold tint to them. This version came with a recolored version of the drone which attached to the Cobra Night Raven, used here as the Avenger Scout Craft. This version also included a slightly repainted version of Payload.

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