Character Information

Dialtone had a minor appearance in the film when the GI Joe team was attacking the MARS base under the Arctic and Ripcord was destroying the nanomite missiles before they reached and hit their targets. She was in the command room of the Pit locating the missiles for General Hawk.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

In the video game based on the live-action film from 2009, a female Dial Tone appears as a support character. Her data file states that her real name is "Jill J. Morelli," and that she took over her brother's post on the team after he disappeared on a mission. This version of Dial Tone is voiced by Aimee Miles.


A toy of the female version of Dialtone was released in a Desert Troop Builder 5-Pack exclusive to Toys R Us stores in 2009.

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