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Dickie Saperstein was a comrade of Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow and Stalker in Vietnam, where he died.


A Real American Hero comics continuity - Marvel Comics

During the Vietnam War, Dickie Saperstein was one of a six member Long Range Recon Patrol (L.R.R.P.), led by the future Stalker and also containing the future Snake-Eyes, the future Storm Shadow, Ramon Escobedo and Wade Collins.[1]

Dickie's tour of duty was nearing completion and he felt burnt out and wanted to go home. However he extended his tour of duty as his father needed a new heart valve and the family couldn't afford it. So he signed up for an extension scheme that provided a lump sum in advance which paid for the operation. His father died on the operating table. Even though he could have got a "compassionate" discharge he felt he should honour the deal he had made. Shortly afterwards the L.R.R.P. was ambushed in a valley and Dickie were killed when he trod on a landmine.[2] Ramon Escobedo also died in the ambush.[3]

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