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The G.I. Joe Ninja Force engage in battle Cobra's new androids which look uncannily human and match their every move.

Detailed summary

  • Synopsis not yet written.


Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

G.I. Joe Cobra Civilians
  • Airport manager (6)
  • Loadmaster (3)
  • Pilot (1)

Featured Vehicles & Equipment

G.I. Joe Cobra Civilian
  • Russian cargo planes

Memorable quotes


--Scarlett, Storm Shadow and... Snake-Eyes?!

Other notes


  • Snake-Eyes speaks.
  • Prince's E.C.H.O. is colored white.
  • Page 3, panel 6 - what the heck is going on with the back of Hawk's head?

Items of note

  • First Appearances: Storm Shadow's Ninja Force uniform, ECHO robots, Skystorm
  • Snake-Eyes is shown unmasked.
  • The gag of nobody being able to remember Ghostrider's name continues.
  • "E.C.H.O." stands for Enhanced Copy, Human Original.

Real-world references

  • Obviously, all the E.C.H.O. robots are meant to be recognizable. Due to the passage of time, some of them no longer are.
    • All the robots fall into three categories:

Celebrities G.I. Joes Politicians
  • CNN anchor[1]
  • Don King
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Mick Jagger
  • Prince
  • Spider-Man
  • (?)[2]
  • Colin Powell (25)
  • General Schwarzkopf (30)
  • Mikhail Gorbachev (28)
  • President Bush (7)
  • Ronald Reagan (35)
  • Saddam Hussein (24)

Footnotes and References

  1. Possibly Peter Arnett.
  2. Whoever this is, it looks like a cross between Jay Leno and David Letterman.

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