Generation 1
Duke 1983 A Real American Hero (1983)

Duke is originally available as a mail-in offer in 1983. The figure was carded and sold for mass public in 1984.

Appearance: yellow hair; beige shirt with rolled-up sleeves; gold eagle on right chest; green diagonal strap; green belt and pants; brown boots

Accessories: light olive-green "Breaker" helmet; beige "Airborne" backpack; light green "Stalker" M-32 submachine gun; light green binoculars.

Variations: a very small number of Dukes have cuffed sleeves page/Filecard

Duke 1988 Tiger Force (1988)

Tiger Force Duke was originally available in the 1988 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: brown hair; green shirt with rolled-up sleeves and red collar; brown diagonal strap and belt; light brown pants with black stripes; dark grey boots

Accessories: beige "Breaker" helmet; olive-green "Airborne" backpack; black "Stalker" M-32; black "Duke" binoculars. page/Filecard

Duke 1992 Version 3 (1992)

Duke was available carded in the 1992 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: yellow hair; red short-sleeved shirt with beige vest; brown holster, straps, and gloves; beige and red camouflage pants with red belt and shinguards; beige boots

Accessories: beige helmet; brown submachine gun with retracted stock, short angled grip, and long, thick magazine; brown knife with angled quillen and slight curve at tip; beige spring-loaded missile launcher station with red trigger and detachable red seat and brown tripod; red missile with cylindrical bulge on tip; black figure stand. page/Filecard

Duke 1993 Battle Corps (1993)

Duke was available in 1993 as figure #19 in the Battle Corps subset of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: beige helmet with goggles; brown hair; beige short-sleeved jacket with brown camouflage; brown straps; beige pants with brown camouflage; brown holster and boots

Accessories: black "Muskrat" shotgun; black "Tracker" submachine gun; black "'91 Grunt" machine gun; black "Muskrat" machete; L-shaped, gold missile launcher with thick, round barrel and black trigger; two black missiles; black figure stand. page/Filecard

Duke 1993 v2 Star Brigade Armor Tech (1993)

In 1993, Duke was part of the Star Brigade subline of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: yellow hair; blue armor on left torso and leg; black armor on right; silver armor in middle and on right arm and lower legs; silver left missile launcher arm with blue barrel

Accessories: silver full-head space helmet with clear visor; bright red "Cloudburst" submachine gun; bright red "'91 Flint" laser rifle; bright red "'93 Beach-Head" knife; two bright red "Backblast" missiles; bright red figure stand. page/Filecard

Generation 3
A Real American Hero 25th Anniversary
Senior Ranking Officers (2008)

This Toys "Я" Us exclusive featured the new sculpt introduced for the 25th Anniversary line. The Senior Ranking Officers included Duke, G.I. Joe Hawk and Grunt.

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