Generation 1
Dusty 1985 A Real American Hero (1985)

Dusty was part of the series of carded action figures from the 1985 series of ARAH toys.

Appearance: brown camo paint on face; beige hat with goggles and cloth; beige shirt and pants with brown camo; black backpack straps, belt, and boots; white panels on chest.

Accessories: beige backpack with two canteens on back; black FAMAS submachine gun and small bipod with horizontal support. page/Filecard

Dusty 1988 A Real American Hero (1988)

The Tiger Force subset featured a recolored version of Dusty original action figure in 1988.

Appearance: brown and light green hat with cloth and grey goggles; dark green shirt with yellow stripes; light green pants; brown backpack straps, belts

Accessories: light green backpack; black FAMAS submachine gun and bipod. page/Filecard

Dusty 1991 A Real American Hero (1991)

A new Dusty action figure was released in 1991 and included his pet coyote Sandstorm. His filecard features a new serial number and an upgrade in rank.

Appearance: red hair; yellow beret; yellow sleeveless shirt with brown straps; yellow pants with light brown camouflage and brown belt, holster

Accessories: reddish brown pouch backpack (with sculpted grenades, roll, and canteen); brown M-1911A1 auto pistol; brown submachine gun with long magazine, holes in barrel, and removable sliding stock; grey coyote named Sandstorm. page/Filecard

The Real American Hero Collection (2000)
Dusty is carded in a two-pack with Law for the 2000 edition of The Real American Hero Collection
2000 filecard
The Real American Hero Collection (2002)
In the final year of the Real American Hero Collection, Dusty is packaged together with the Night Rhino.
2002 filecard
Generation 2
G.I. Joe vs. Cobra (2002)
As part of the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra series, Dusty was included with the Sand Razor vehicle.
G.I. Joe vs. Cobra filecard
G.I. Joe vs. Cobra (version two 2002)
Dusty is also included as a carded version in a two-pack with Cobra C.L.A.W.S.. A different colored version was packed together with Shock Viper.
G.I. Joe vs. Cobra filecard
Valor vs. Venom (2004)
A new Dusty design is unveiled for the Valor vs. Venom line carded in a two-pack with Zartan.
Valor vs. Venom filecard
Desert Patrol Squad (2004)
The Toys R Us exclusive set Desert Patrol Squad included Dusty along with several other Joes.
Desert Patrol Squad filecard
Generation 3
DVD Battle Pack: Arise, Serpentor, Arise! (2008)
A new mold based on the 1985 version of Dusty was made for the third of five DVD Battle Packs. The pack also included Serpentor, a B.A.T., Montezuma's skeleton, the DVD with the G.I. Joe (Sunbow) five-part mini-series "Arise, Serpentor, Arise!" and a M.A.S.S. Device part.
DVD Battle Pack filecard

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