This article is about the V-Troops undersea trooper - for the original Cobra frogman, see Eel (RAH).

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Electric E.E.L. is a Cobra character from the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra series.
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Cobra Electric E.E.Ls are Cobra Moray troops who have been genetically altered to enable them to carry an electric charge like their namesakes. A jolt from one of these elite underwater specialists can knock out an unprotected man instantly. Aside from their electrical powers, Electric E.E.L troops have nictitating membranes to protect their eyes from murky waters and a mutated nervous system to withstand the excessive amperage involved with their "high-voltage" sabotage operations.

The bio-electric discharge of an Electric E.E.L is not only used as a weapon, but is also an effective neutralizer of security systems and communication equipment, and jams radar and sonar signals. They can also provide their own light source during night operations, but luckily for the GI JOE team, the Electric E.E.L troops flash uncontrollably when they are over-stressed, making them easier to spot.

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A planned 12-inch Electric E.E.L. action figure was cancelled before reaching mass production, but some test shots were made. Some of these sample figures were sold on eBay.

Hasbro planned to release a red-colored Electric E.E.L. action figure, packaged with a recolored Sting Raider mini-sub, as part of a 2005 3 3/4"-scale series. However, these plans were cancelled, but not before some images were leaked out online.

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