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The Escape Armor is an item of survival, design to allow the wearer to escape from otherwise fatal situations. Baron Ironblood always keeps a set close by, encase of a catastrophe. It is the strongest material known to man, with strong anti-missile armor plating that can withstand most missile systems. Although relatively light for body armor, the weight of the suit is offset with built-in hydraulics. Self-propelled, the suit contains sensors which can detect enemy personnel and vehicles via audio, radar and infrared warning systems, and would attack anything or anyone without a proper IFF device. The powerful hydraulic arms have interchangeable claws and weapons.


Escape Armor 2

A Red Shadows Trooper suits-up for battle.


Action Force

The armour was written into at least one storyline allowing Baron Ironblood to evade capture by SAS and Z Force units. Made from unknown materials, the armour was capable of withstanding missile attacks and could respond with flamethrower or a single anti-tank rocket.[1]


The Escape Armour was part of the Action Force toy line manufactured by Palitoy. The Escape Armour itself was made using the same mould used for the Cobra S.N.A.K.E. armour which was released as part of the G.I. Joe range in the USA. The only major difference aside from decals between the two versions was the colour with the Cobra version being either blue or white and the Red Shadows version in their ubiquitous red. The first release of the Red Shadow Escape Armour came packaged with a standard Red Shadow figure however the difference in moulding from the Red Shadow (fixed-limb) action figure and the multi-jointed Cobra action figures, caused some difficulty in the using the toy. A later version was packaged with the European Cobra release and used the H.I.S.S. Driver character and new decals to incorporate it into the range.


  1. Escape of the Baron! Combat Story from Battle Action Force, courtesy of Blood for the Baron

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