The name Firefly refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Firefly.

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Making more things go boom by 9:00 a.m. than most people do all day.

—Firefly's introcation

Firefly is a Cobra character from the live-action film series.

Firefly is an explosives/demolitions expert, and is also an accomplished pilot.


Comics continuity

Firefly did appear in the first Marvel comics.

Games continuity

He appeared in the videogame, voiced by Matthew Moy.

There he worked with Storm Shadow to bring Cobra Commander back,

but Firefly was killed by Roadblock for Duke's death

Film continuity

Firefly did not appear in the 2009 live action film.[1]

Retaliation (2013)

Portrayed by Ray Stevenson

As many other versons of Firefly, this verson favors explosive devices: grenades, rpgs, rockets, etc. However unlike other portrayed versons, this one shows hightened skills in hand-to-hand combat. It again shown that he possess a skill for infiltration; being able to easily invade the prison from the outside single-handedly. He also displays improved marksmen skills, and perfect timing. This verson is also given a signature weapon; dubbed "The FireFlies". A swarm on micro but powerful explosives, that appears similar to, and act like FireFlies. Also unlike his other versons (excluding the G.I. Renegades verson) he displays a great deal of arrogance that does not allow to be as cautious as his original counterparts.


Part of Cobra Firefly helped Storm Shadow and Cobra commander break out of prison. Using his fireflies and other explosives he bursted in and blew up any security. As they left Storm Shadow got injured by an explosion caused by a guard. Firefly dragged him to the chopper and the three took off. 

He later was guarding Zartan and used his fireflies to attack Roadblock who tried to kill Zartan. The engaged in hand to hand combat and Firefly savagely beat up Roadblock as he mocked him about the dead Joes. He prepared to execute him however he was forced to flee as the other Joes showed up.

At the summit Firefly was ordered to guard the launch device as the Joes attacked them. Firefly speeded away but was chased by Roadblock. The two ended up fighting at close quarters using their guns and bare hands trying to take each other out. Firefly got knocked down. Attempting to send his fireflies at Roadblock he noticed his device was missing. Roadblock put up the device and then blew him up with his own fireflies. 


Rise of Cobra
Firefly ROC 2009 Bravo Vehicles (2009)

Firefly was released with the Cobra Gunship in the first series of Bravo Vehicles for the G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra toyline in 2009.

Appearance: grey mask; grey shirt with red Cobra logo on right arm; black gloves; grey pants with black straps; black boots.

Accessories: black and silver helmet and a black vest.

Variations: Firefly's helmet was available either in black or red page/Filecard

Firefly ROC v2 2009 'Headquarters for Heroes (2009)

Firefly was available carded in the first series of the Toys "Я" Us-exclusive "Headquarters for Heroes" set from the Rise of Cobra toyline in 2009.


Accessories: black and green goggles; black and grey vest; grey leg harness; grey satchel; grey and tan backpack; black spring-loaded missile launcher with red missile; grey submachine gun; two grey ammunition clips; silver and black knife; grey gas can; grey flashlight; grey multitool; black and white bomb page/Filecard


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  1. Though if there is only one Cobra Gunship and he is its pilot, then any scene it appeared in would count for him, as well.

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