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The Cobra Flight Pod, or "Trubble Bubble" is a small, one-person assault craft.

Vehicle profile

Trubble bubble

Trubble Bubble

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Comics continuity

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Animated continuity

The Flight pod first appeared in the miniseries "The Revenge of Cobra" and was a staple for the rest of the Sunbow portion of the animated series. An item of note is that although it first appeared in the 1984 miniseries, it was not released until 1985.


Toy editions

The Flight Pod was originally released in 1985. Though shown to be a pale blue in most early shots in the television series, the "Trouble Bubble" toy was actually a faint grey color.  Like most toys of the era it required some assembly, with the "bubble" canopy being hinged at the back.  It was not released with a figure.


A redeco of the Flight Pod was released in 1997 and came packaged with a Cobra Viper.

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