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Season 1

01. Summoning of Heroes

With the mysterious organization SKAR (Soldiers of Kaos, Anarchy, and Ruin) poised to assault Europe, a new team of Joes must be formed to deal with the threats faced in this brave new world.

02. Serious Leg Work

03. Point of Honor

04. Chips and a Cold, Cold Drink

05. To Catch a Klaw

06. Relics

07. Dawn's Oily Light

08. Crawling from the Wreckage

09. Extend a Helping Klaw

10. Now Hear This

11. Winner Take All

12. Coup of the Klaw Part 1

13. Rebellion Part 2

Season 2

14. SKAR Under Siege

15. Operation Underground

16. A Traitor Among Us

17. Iron Klaw Unmasked

18. The Search for Clancy

19. Sabotage in the Sky

20. The Silencer

21. Rampage for President

22. Hard Road Home

23. Wreckage: Revenge!

24. Fear at Fifty Fathoms

25. Metalhead Goes AWOL

26. Betrayal

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