A quiet stranger applies to join the G.I. Joe Adventure Team - but has he got what it takes?

Issue summary

At the secret mountain outpost Joe meets a quiet stranger who has applied to join the team. He points out the team's work is difficult and asks if the man has what it takes. In response the man - Mike Power - removes his suit to reveal his atomic eye, atomic arm and atomic leg. He explains that he was born with disabled limbs but refused to accept them and spent his life developing atomic parts for his body. Joe suggests they are put to the test and Mike demonstrates that his atomic leg allows him to run 200 miles per hour, his atomic arm can lift 10,000 pounds and his atomic eye can see through six feet of solid steel. Joe welcomes Major Mike Power to the team.

Featured Characters

G.I. Joe Adventure Team


Items of note

  • This one page advert introduced Mike Power.