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The General is a G.I. Joe vehicle from the A Real American Hero series.
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The Joe Team’s General Mobile Headquarters is the second-generation mobile headquarters vehicle, like the Mobile Command Center, but with vastly increased offensive systems, and lacking some of the more redundant and/or less useful features, such as the Detention Cell, vehicle service bay, and advance Battle Control Suite.

What the General lacked in features, however, it made up for in direct actions effectiveness; Whereas the MCC was an excellent battlefield support platform, the it’s height and limited weapons selection made it a poor choice in a firefight; General had far less support facilities, but could slug it out with everyone and everything, and probably come out on top. It did have limited small vehicle support capabilities, but most for refueling; Small aircraft could also land on top, if the pilot was careful.


Essentially a huge, wheeled platform, the General was powered and propelled by the armored tractor in the front, and outfitted with optical scanners, infrared videography, Doppler Radar, and laser range finders, and very well defended, with several multi-purpose autocannon emplacements and a 200MM main cannon, capable of hitting target in excess of 20 miles, and flattening s few hardened city blocks.


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