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Grill is the code name used by Darren K. Filbert. He is one of six Screaming Eagles under the command of Sgt. Savage and the team's token African American character.


Not much is known of Filbert's life before Sgt. Savage took command of him and five other highly-trained, undisciplined soldiers. Filbert and the other Screaming Eagles have since helped stop NASA from unwittingly deploying a cyber doomsday device, protect a nuclear facility, and served in maneuvers in the arctic before moving to reserve status.



A Real American Hero continuity

Hasbro Comics continuity

Filbert, along with the other Screaming Eagles, appear in the Sgt. Savage vs. Gen. Blitz mini-comics packed with select toys. In the comic, the Eagles defend a nuclear facility from the I.R.O.N. Army, drawing the enemy into a trap by hiding under the dirt of their bunker before attacking and driving back General Blitz's forces.

Devil's Due Comics continuity

During the conflict now known as World War III, Filbert was stationed in Syria in the Middle East.

Animated continuity

Direct-to-video series

Filbert's only known appearance in cartoon form is the single Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles episode, Old Soldiers Never Die. Along with the other Eagles, Filbert helps stop NASA from unwittingly deploying a cyber doomsday device.


There were no toys of Grill released as part of the Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles toyline. Reportedly, a prototype was made, but no further information is known.[1]

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