Cobra constructs a device that will melt the polar ice caps!

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Memorable quotes

"Beware, Lady Jaye. With so sharp a tongue you could cut your own throat!"

--Destro to a captive Lady Jaye.

"I see you have never learned the difference between courage and stupidity."

--Destro to Flint and Lady Jaye.

Other notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • None known.

Continuity errors

  • As the episode progresses, the Cobra Troopers - who Cobra Commander at one point refers to as "polar troopers" - become dressed as Snow Serpents! For example: during Flint & Lady Jaye's escape, the Troopers start out wearing standard cold-weather Cobra Trooper gear, and when they go into the next room, they are wearing Snow Serpent uniforms with Cobra Trooper headgear. By the end of the episode, all of the Troopers have been replaced by Snow Serpents.
  • One tranquilizer dart knocks a polar bear out, yet Snow Job takes three in his shoulder and is able to stagger away and find help for his teammates.
  • Later in the episode that same polar bear has the strength in its jaws to bite through the chain holding Flint and Lady Jaye together.
    • That may have been due to the low temperature making it more brittle.
  • Cobra is so intent on melting the polar ice caps that they fail to realize that their base and vehicles will sink as well (which they eventually do).

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Destro tends to use the same control panel layout in the devices he designs for Cobra, a flaw that he vows to correct after overhearing Flint mention it just before capturing him and Lady Jaye.

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