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Hawk is a G.I. Joe character in the Sigma 6 series.
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He was once the leader of one of the world's most elite teams but a cruel fate has dealt Hawk a heavy hand. Captured by Cobra and subjected to a torturous experiment, he managed to survive the ordeal but at a costly price. The event has rendered him physically incapable of any more field command duty. He has lost much but remains confident that the Joe Team will go on under Duke's leadership. While he has lost much, he refuses to let what Cobra did to him from doing what he has to do to protect man and freedom.


Animated continuity

Some time before, an evil experiment by Cobra has messed up Hawk's DNA. He is still recuperating from his ordeal but manages to give Duke some advice and requests him to look after his son, Scott.[1] Although Hawk is no longer in command of the Joes, he does whatever he could to provide support for the team such as procuring the Sea Titan for their exclusive use in the fight against Cobra.[2]


  • Hawk's disability is generally attributed to the events seen in the Valor vs. Venom film. Whether Sigma 6 is a direct continuation of the video film continuity is debatable.

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