The name Heavy Duty refers to several versions of the same character.
For a list of the other versions, see Heavy Duty.
Heavy Duty is a G.I. Joe character from the G.I. Joe film.
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Rise of Cobra (2009 Movie)

Portrayed by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

Heavy Duty was the call-sign of Hershel Dalton, who served as G.I. Joe's Heavy Weapons Specialist.


Heavy Duty is seen along with the rest of the Joes stopping the Baroness and her Neo-Vipers from stealing a case of nanomites warheads from a team consisting of Duke, Ripcord and a Ranger team. Using a minigun he stopped several Cobra forces and was in a stand off with Duke who thought they were also trying to steal the case. He later trained Duke and Ripcord in usage of the Delta-6 Accelerator suits and was seen with Sergeant Stone watching Duke train against Snake-Eyes. He believed Duke would lose but was disappointed when Duke managed to hit Snake-Eyes. During the attack on The Pit he was seen wielding a machine gun and a grenade launcher, which he used to destroy the Cobra's drilling vehicle and shoving a grenade in a Neo-Viper's helmet. He later drove the Joe's to their target in a white van where he briefed them on their objectives and explained to Ripcord how expensive the suits were only to have him fall on it. At the end of the chase he was arrested by the French Police in connection with the attack along with the rest of the Joes, save for Duke who was captured and Snake-Eyes who escaped. He participated in the attack on Cobra's base by leading an amphibious attack force to deal with Cobra's own amphibious attack force and to destroy Cobra's base.He is then seen back at the Pit and is walking with the Joe's to their plane for their next mission.

Personality and abilities

At first Heavy Duty had little respect for Duke and Ripcord thinking that they had blackmailed their way into GI Joe. However he later developed a grudging respect for Duke after seeing him land a blow on Snake-Eyes. Finally he decided that both Duke and Ripcord deserved to be Joes and suggested this to General Hawk who told Duke and Ripcord. He also claimed that he was reluctant to shoot women. Heavy Duty also had a habit of swearing, sometimes saying "bloody hell".

Heavy Duty was GI Joe's Heavy Weapons Specialist and was also able to survive the underwater assault on Cobra's base.


Behind the scenes

  • Heavy Duty's action figure file card: With serious muscles and brains to match, Heavy Duty is a key player on the G.I. Joe team. He knows what weapons to use in any battle situation - and won't stand down until every Cobra soldier is defeated!
    Serial Number: 807-46-LM65.
  • While Heavy Duty has taken the name change of Hershel Dalton, from Lamont Morris, his serial number includes an easter egg revealing his original incarnation.


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