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Heavy Fire is a G.I. Joe character from the A Real American Hero comics continuity.
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The nickname of one of the G.I. Joe team's greenshirt recruits. New recruits are usually given joke nicknames until they earn their Joe codename. After spending weeks of training, Heavy Fire and his fellow "Alpha Team" recruits were sent on a training mission led by Beach Head into a wartorn country to fight a group of rebels. For that mission, Beach Head dropped the greenshirts' nicknames and referred to them only by number, much to their aggravation. Heavy Fire became "Three". A battle erupted with dozens of rebels, and Heavy Fire was wounded as the Joes ran for cover in a nearby building. He fell behind, and instead of going back for him, Beach Head left him behind. This upset the whole team, but Beach Head knew that Heavy Fire would be held for interrogation and he led the team to rescue him in the local police station. As the team tried to make it to an extraction chopper after rescuing Heavy Fire, Beach Head was nearly left behind, but the entire team eventually escaped.(FL 17)

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