Honda Lou West owned a trucking company whose vehicles were stolen by Cobra. She had 12 lines in The Revenge Of Cobra (parts 3-5) and was voiced by Sally Julian.

Char 9772

From The Palace of Doom article:

"Roadblock stands on a ledge and watches a convoy of Cobra Stingers and semis drive past him. When he hears the roar of a mountain lion, Roadblock climbs to the brach of a tree that hangs over the passing semis, drops onto a trailer and slips inside only to hear another noise. Using a flashlight he finds the owner of the rig. Expecting the truck driver to be a man, Roadblock remarks upon seeing Honda Lou West, "You're a girl!" "Congratulations. You figured that out so fast you must be a rocket scientist." After Roadblock explains that he is hungry, a gourmet chef and part of the G.I.Joe team, Honda Lou's caustic attitude changes 180 degrees. Full of wonder in her voice, she tells Roadblock that he should get ready to chow down and that she has a "feeling that this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

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