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Incinerators are Cobra characters from the A Real American Hero series.
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The Incinerators may just be one of the luckier regiments in Cobra's army to be provided with equipment that actually works and protect them. They are armed with the state-of-the-art in flamethrower technology. Their flame armor is extremely fire-resistant with bulletproofing and air conditioning technology gives them the ultimate in protection. They also have an air supply that keeps them from suffering the effects of fire smoke and carbon monoxide. There would probably be more of them if the gear they used weren't so expensive and bulky.



A Real American Hero continuity

Marvel Comics continuity
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Devil's Due Comics continuity
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Hasbro Comics continuity

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Animated continuity - DIC

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Generation 1
Incinerator 1991 A Real American Hero (1991)

Incinerator was part of the 1991 lineup for A Real American Hero toys. As with most action figures in that year, Incinerator came with an accessory that actually fires. In this case, he came with a catapult that lets him throw "fireballs".

Appearance: silver helmet with red faceplate; orange shirt with red padded vest and silver diagonal stripes; red Cobra insignia on chest; silver armbands; red gloves; orange pants with silver belt, shinguards, and stripes on legs; black boots

Accessories: complex black fuel tank backpack with sculpted hoses; silver flamethrower with two smooth, angled grips and long muzzle; silver three-piece catapult (base, arm, and switch); two translucent orange globe projectiles; rubber band for catapult; standard short, black hose. page/Filecard


  • Working names included Salamanders, Wicks and Dragons.

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