JJ Jameson in GI Joe 95
J. Jonah Jameson is a character from the Marvel Universe who appeared in the Marvel G.I. Joe comic as an easter egg for Marvel fans.

Character history

A cigar-chomping man with flattop hair (clearly intended to be Jameson) goes to Sarge's newsstand and ask where is the Bugle, to which Sarge answers that he doesn't sell that trashy rag. Jameson tries to reply with an angry remark, but he's interrupted when the front door of the Cobra Consulate explodes, and then Stalker, Storm Shadow and Wade Collins jump out of the newsstand to rescue Snake-Eyes. (No Turning Back)


  • Jameson asks for a copy of the Bugle - i.e., The Daily Bugle, Marvel Comics' famous newspaper. Since JJJ would get all the papers he wants for free, apparently he spends his free time wandering around the city checking to see whether stands are carrying him, which is pretty much in-character to Jonah.

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