Jhankri is a character from the live-action film continuity.
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Jhankri is a female member of a Ninja clan residing in the Himalayan stronghold. She combined modern technology with ancient remedies to aid Storm Shadow in his healing process after he got badly burned.


Retaliation movie

Portrayed by Carrie Wong

After Storm Shadow got burned by an explosion he went to the Himalayan stronghold. She aided in his healing process using ancient remedies and modern technology. After he was healed they said goodbye, however the stronghold got attacked. When Jinx came through the window the woman respectfully nodded at her. When Jinx drew her swords, Jhankri threw throwing knives at her. As Jinx closed the distance she grabbed her staff. After a fierce fight Jinx knocked her out with a kick.

Personality and abilities

The Jhankri seemed to be highly loyal to Storm Shadow. After healing him she bowed to him. When Jinx entered the Jhankri bowed to her and feigned non resistance, however when she shifted her attention away from her she attempted to kill her with a throwing knife.

She is shown to be a master at both ancient and state of the art healing practices. Using this she managed to aid Storm Shadow in making a complete recovery from his burning wounds. 

She is also a master at martial arts. She used throwing knives at long range. However when Jinx came close she used a staff. Her mastery with her staff allowed her to keep up with Jinx for quite a long time compared to the other Ninja from her clan. 

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