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Jonathan Bama is a S.K.A.R. character from the Extreme series.
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Jonathan Bama is Quick Stryke's younger brother. When the chance was given to him by Iron Klaw to become the Ultimate Soldier through an experimentation project he enthusiastically volunteered for it. Quick Stryke begged his younger brother Jonathan not to go through with it, but Jonathan was too eager to be the first of these new soldiers, and to be "a Fearless Fighting Machine" and he considered it a great honor.

Unfortunately the process causes Jonathan Bama to go crazy and attack Iron Klaw. Quick Stryke tried to hold his younger brother down so Iron Klaw would not kill him but it resulted in a struggle with Jonathan instead. In the struggle Jonathan pulled out a gun and turned it on Quick Stryke. He fired the gun which hit a gas tank that resulted in a large explosion. When the smoke cleared Jonathan was in a seizure, lurching and he died. Quick Stryke was emotionally devastated and left SKAR to seek revenge later.

Jonathan's death serves as Quick Stryke's motivation to stop Iron Klaw and S.K.A.R. so that other innocent people will not suffer like Jonathan Bama.


No Jonathan Bama toy was ever produced, as the character only exists to flesh out Quick Stryke's background.


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