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Kre-O is a line of building block construction toys from Hasbro. First released in the Summer of 2011, Hasbro debuted the line basing it upon the Transformers franchise. Provided Kre-O Transformers was successful, Hasbro would be expanding to other brands for their building blocks as well. This has now proven to be the case by Hasbro expanding into other brands with their Kre-O products, including G.I. Joe.

Released in 2013, this Toys 'R' Us exclusive series is based upon the live action films series, the Adventure Team, and A Real American Hero franchises.

In addition to sets, five waves of "blind" bags were released. Each bag contained a single G.I. Joe or Cobra Kre-O figure called a Kreon, and you won't know which one until you open the bag. Each wave consisted of 12 different figures.

Released sets


  • Cobra Armored Assault - A Cobra officer and trooper man an original armored, six-wheeled attack vehicle, while Flint mans an A.T.V.
  • Dragonfly XH-1 - An homage to the battle helicopter of the same name. In addition to the pilot, Wild Bill, the set had an enemy trooper equipped with a C.L.A.W.
  • Ghoststriker X-16 - An homage to the fighter jet of the same name. In addition to the pilot, Ace, the set also included an enemy trooper equipped with an A.S.P.
  • Thunderwave Jet Boat - This set contains three vehicles: a large, original ship manned by Lt. Cutter; the Sting Raider, a small homage to the Water Moccasin and piloted by Copperhead; and a small support truck driven by Sgt. Stalker.



Wave 1

  • Cobra Axe Ninja (based on Dice)

Wave 2

Wave 3

  • Cobra Air Trooper

Wave 4

  • Cobra Night Watch Trooper

Wave 5

  • Battle Damage B.A.T.


Kre-O Nocturnal Fire
Nocturnal Fire was a set of exclusive souvenirs available at the 2013 "GIJoeCon" official G.I. Joe convention, including the Nocturnal Fire Kreon Souvenir Figure Set and the individually-packaged Kreon Hit & Run. The theme compliments the 3 3/4" convention exclusive and is based on the G.I. Joe Night Force sub-team battling a Cobra demolitions team led by the Venezuelan warlord Cobra Mortal.

Packaged in a blind bag with a mini-flier (and no instructions), the Souvenir Figure Set included six Kreons: four unique characters, and two identical S.A.W.-Vipers. Most of the weapons and other accessories included in this set are recognizable by their metallic silver coloration, distinct from the usual flat colors of kreon equipment. Additionally, the flak jackets that come with the S.A.W.-Viper, Repeater, and Charbroil kreons feature paint applications. The included mini-flier depicts a backpack piece beside Spearhead; however, this piece was not included in the final set.

The Zombie Initiative Kreon set was released for JoeCon 2014 and was a Kre-O version of the same convention's main exclusive figure pack, with the E.C.O. Force facing a Toxo-Zombie outbreak. Clean-Sweep included both a hairpiece and mask, plus a double-faced head for masked and unmasked looks, just like the three Toxo-Zombies included had a double-faced head to change between Toxo-Vipers and Toxo-Zombies.

Construction Commandos was released for SDCC 2015 and portrayed the Slaughter's Marauders against the Iron Grenadiers. However, Destro was released with a look based on "Pimp Daddy Destro" rather than his Iron Grenadier uniform, in order to add some humor to the filecards of him and Sgt. Slaughter included with the pack. The set also included a buildable Triple T Tank


  1. The promotional material for the Terrordrome depict a Kreon dressed in Tomax's clothing, but with Xamot's facial scar - on the wrong side of his face. It is unconfirmed what the boxed character looked like, but it is likely (based on Xamot's inclusion in the individually bagged Kreon series) that this character is Tomax and the photographer used the Xamot toy and flipped the image.

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