Generation 1
Lady Jaye 1985 A Real American Hero (1985)

Lady Jaye is part of the 1985 series of A Real American Hero toys.

Appearance: black hat with silver circle on front; brown hair; green open-collared, short-sleeved shirt and pants; brown backpack straps and belt; black gloves and boots.

Accessories: light green square backpack; light grey power javelin; light green videocamera with strap. page/Filecard

  • Commando Team (1997)
The Commando Team three-pack was part of the Real American Hero Collection celebrating 15 years of the A Real American Hero concept. Lady Jaye was packaged together with Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow. The Lady Jaye action figure used the same mold from her 1985 figure.
Commando Team filecard
  • Operation Anaconda (2003)
Lady Jaye was included in the limited Operation Anaconda set that was available only in the 2003 G.I. Joe convention in San Francisco, California. Again, her original figure mold is used with a different color.
Operation Anaconda filecard
  • Spy Troops (2003)
The Spy Troops toyline featured an all-new rendition of Lady Jaye. She is packaged together in a two-pack with Iron Grenadier.
Spy Troops filecard
  • Comic Pack (2006)
A Comic Pack celebrating the G.I. Joe issue #44 comic was released. It included Lady Jaye, two Cobra Troopers, and a copy of the comic book.
Comic Pack filecard
  • A Real American Hero 25th Anniversary (2007)
The original Lady Jaye action figure is revisited with an all-new architectural design for the 25th anniversary of the A Real American Hero series.
A Real American Hero 25th Anniversary filecard
  • DVD Battle Pack: The Revenge of Cobra' (2008)
Lady Jaye was a retool of the 2007 version, featuring a cartoon-accurate head, several different spears, a quiver, a pistol, and battle stand. The set also included Roadblock, Destro, strangling vines, the Weather Dominator, a DVD featuring the 'G.I. Joe' mini-series 'The Revenge of Cobra', and a piece of the M.A.S.S. Device.
DVD Battle Pack filecard

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